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Balance is a Verb, Not a Noun with Nicole Lapin

September 15, 2022 IT ALL Media Episode 64
Fuck IT ALLâ„¢ feat. I AM Radio
Balance is a Verb, Not a Noun with Nicole Lapin
Show Notes

To the people that say money can't buy happiness, Nicole Lapin's take is that they either don't have a good relationship with money OR they don't know how to manage it well... YET. *Thinking to yourself - Eeeee, some things need to change.*  Yeh, us too. Start with this episode! 💰

Nicole had us at hello with her intelligent one-liners and "Damn, I needed to hear that" mic drops. In this conversation, Nicole shares her personal financial journey, and now expertise. Noting that despite her top-tier education, she didn't truly understand finances or mental health until they both "broke." 

"Balance is a verb, not a noun," she says.  "We treat balance like we found it and it's under the couch. That's not real life, you know, balance and chaos have to coexist."

In her words, "I wanted to be a poet, and ultimately I became a writer, but not the kind I expected." Today, Nicole is a New York Times Bestselling Author of Miss Independent, Becoming Super Woman, Boss Bitch and Rich Bitch; the host of the Money Rehab Podcast; and a financial and career resource (check out The Money/Boss/Balance School and The Money Minute). AND still, like a true FIA woman, Nicole brings the #realtalk to this episode to share her story and lessons learned/and still learning.

We'll leave you with this...

"Money is like a hammer - It can be used to build a house or tear it down." - Nicole Lapin 

We love a good build, please hand us the tools! Listen now. 

X, K+K

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