Fuck IT ALL™ feat. I AM Radio

Queen of Manifestation with Jen Mazer

October 05, 2022 IT ALL Media Episode 66
Fuck IT ALL™ feat. I AM Radio
Queen of Manifestation with Jen Mazer
Show Notes

FIA does manifesting! AH!

If you don't already know her (and many of you do!) prepare to have your minds blown and mindset changed.

Meet Jen Mazer - THE Queen of Manifestation

Jen came to us amidst a relatively "low vibe" moment in time (OK, OK, we were losing our fucking minds!) And it was hearing her voice on another podcast that took us down the rabbit hole of some serious Internet stalking only to realize that she was right here in our backyard (not literally, we're not THAT good at manifesting... yet 😉) and so graciously agreed to join us on the show... and then later become our very own manifestation & business coach 📈 .

Working hard to get what you want is the myth, and we love this episode AND this woman so much, because through real experience and tangible practices she helps women transform mindsets, trust themselves, and ultimately get everything last thing they've ever wanted - just like that.

Here's to Manifesting Made Easy (yep, it's her book, we 10/10 recommend).


P.S. Don't forget to check out Maven course, Getting It All for Ambitious WomenPodcast listeners can enjoy $200 off with the code FIA, 'cause we love ya so muchhhhhhhh. OK BYYYYE.

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