Fuck IT ALL™ feat. I AM Radio

Reproductive Rights on Film w/ Jess Jacobs

March 15, 2023 IT ALL Media Season 6 Episode 73
Fuck IT ALL™ feat. I AM Radio
Reproductive Rights on Film w/ Jess Jacobs
Show Notes

It All Media is fighting for the right to safe abortions with the amazing team at Plan C. Which is why this week we are introducing you to the incredible, Jess Jacobs! 

Jess is the executive producer of the Sundance Premier film “Plan C,” which follows the creators of Plan C, a grassroots organization dedicated to expanding access to medical abortions. “Plan C” is hopeful, highly educational (some parts blew my mind), a feat of storytelling and narrative rewrite, and, hella timely. 

Jess Jacobs is also a kick-ass actress, speaker, global advocate, and co-founder of Invisible Pictures. She is known for her work supporting women’s rights globally and is based in New York City. 

We are so stoked to be able to work with amazing artists and change-makers like Jess Jacobs through our health and wellness partners. Keep an eye out for more content down the line with partners like Plan C, Wisp, SIECUS, and so many more. 

Jess Jacobs: 


Invisible Pictures - Development and Production Company



Resources Mentioned: 

Plan C




Planned Parenthood

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