Fuck IT ALL™ feat. I AM Radio

Representing the Female Millennial Demographic with Shannon Fielder

May 31, 2023 IT ALL Media Season 6 Episode 77
Fuck IT ALL™ feat. I AM Radio
Representing the Female Millennial Demographic with Shannon Fielder
Show Notes

Balancing two creative loves is very, VERY hard… but not for Shannon Fielder 😃 At least that’s what she tells herself - gotta fake it til you make it somehow!

And, after years of hard work, she does. While pursuing her dreams, Shannon took on many side jobs, went on countless auditions, and heard so many noes. But she never gave up (thank god!) It took a few years for her dream to take off. It turns out her dream was just waiting for the perfect platform - which ended up being TikTok! 

Shannon Fielder is a New York-based comedian, writer, and actress. In her work, she is proudly representing what she calls the female millennial demographic. Which obviously speaks to us on a religious level. 

As both a writer and a comedian, Shannon brings a fresh voice and levity to female millennial stereotypes. Her comedy offers a safe space for us as the audience to laugh at ourselves. Whether we are all the “girl from Midtown who goes on a date” or we all have all ruined the holidays by arguing with “the worst relatives on Thanksgiving,” you’re bound to find some reason to laugh and enjoy the little things in life again. 

In this episode, Shannon shares her journey as a creative, how she overcame all the obstacles in her way, and how a stand-up class ended up being her FIA moment and kick-started her pursuit to become a standup comedian. 

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