Fuck IT ALL™ feat. I AM Radio

The Perks Look Different and Feel Better with Han Pham

October 18, 2023 IT ALL Media Season 6 Episode 85
Fuck IT ALL™ feat. I AM Radio
The Perks Look Different and Feel Better with Han Pham
Show Notes

This is an extra special episode, and for anyone out there (cue all of us) wondering where to even start making a difference when the world feels so heavy, this episode is for you.

Today we have an incredibly inspiring guest who is disrupting the political world with her kickass group of highly informed citizens, Han Pham! Han is the Executive Director at Her Term. Her Term is a Georgia-based (woo!) initiative that focuses on using collaboration to elect women into office. They target winnable seats, recruit more women leaders to run for office, and equip their campaigns to win. And they have! They’ve been winning! ISN’T THAT INCREDIBLE?!

Before Her Term, Han was a force in the legal and startup world. But it was during her time in the corporate world that she had an eye-opening moment. She realized she was fighting for recognition, in the annoying way you fight for a parking spot 🙄. AND, all the while trying to climb the corporate ladder and collect those often empty “perks” management loves to dangle in front of employees. Once she realized she didn't really need the perks and she didn’t really want to fight so hard for this, she woke up and had an FIA moment. F*ck yeah! 

During a sudden, and unjust BTW, restructuring, Han turned lemons into lemonade and took a stand for what she deserved. She negotiated an invaluable PAID year of dedicated time with her new baby, used any free time as a period of growth, and reflection that ultimately shaped her path to fight for what was right in politics. Even though she had multiple offers waiting for her in her industry, Han decided that she wanted something more, something that aligned with her passion for making a meaningful impact. That's when she joined Her Term, and from there, she quickly rose to become Executive Director in 2022.

At Her Term, they're not just about winning elections. They're about encouraging candidates to keep pushing forward, no matter the outcome. It's about recognizing the significance of the journey, win or lose, and the profound impact it has on the community. 

Her Term's impact in turning Georgia blue is a testament to the collective effort and determination they bring to the table. And it's not just about politics; they provide crucial therapy for their candidates, recognizing the emotional toll that the binary nature of politics can take. It has us thinking about what politics would look like if this were a required service for every public servant?

Listen to Han's incredible journey to hear more about her resilience, empowerment, and her unwavering belief in the power of women's voices. 

You don't want to miss it! AND, for all our Atlanta/Georgia friends, we invite you to support Her Term’s mission to bring more women into office as a part of the Can’t Wait Fundraiser on November 2nd. We are thrilled to be official partners and sponsors for this event, AND hope to see as many of you as possible there!

Can’t join, but still want to support? Consider donating whatever you can towards Her Term’s efforts - we personally love a monthly $50 contribution.

Hit play, get inspired, get involved.

Han Pham

Han’s TEDxWomen Talk

Her Term Website

Her Term Can’t Wait Fundraiser - November 2nd

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