Fuck IT ALL™ feat. I AM Radio

Be as Big as You Are with Michelle Khouri

November 15, 2023 IT ALL Media Season 6 Episode 87
Fuck IT ALL™ feat. I AM Radio
Be as Big as You Are with Michelle Khouri
Show Notes

Settle in and get ready to enjoy an intimate 1:1 with master storyteller and Queen of Audio herself - Michelle Khouri. Michelle’s work - from entrepreneur and trailblazer to fellow modern woman living in this moment in time - is to change the world through the power of sound.

We recently heard, “When we change what power sounds like, we change who has it.” (Samara Bay, Permission to Speak) No one understands that better than Michelle, and it’s why she became one of our very first calls when we started the FIA Podcast 3 years ago.

Audio was our chosen medium at the time, because since the beginning of time, what women have to say is qualified by how we look and show up. Removing the physical barrier of having to show up ‘perfect,’ and instead letting our voices tell our stories felt revolutionary, and like an act of defiance and activism in itself.

Thanks, Michelle, for the inspiration and believing eyes from day one. Michelle’s mantra, "Be as big as you are," is her rallying cry for women everywhere - a reminder that we're never told to embrace our full potential, to be unapologetically big in our ambitions and dreams; not to mention the physical space we occupy.

Michelle’s journey has been marked by a quest to balance both the masculine and feminine energies within herself. This pursuit hasn't always been easy, and it has angered - like viscerally, screaming, crying, throwing up angered -  those discomforted by her boldness. And through it all, she stands firm in her belief that there's no judgment in seeking harmony within yourself. You can begin to see why we love her so damn much.

Michelle advocates for taking small steps to enact profound change. This is especially true as we delve into the overwhelming societal pressure to want it all, particularly as it relates to marriage, children, and suburban living. 

It was her own ah-ha that she was exhausting herself with trying to be small, that she chose a different path. She started listening to her own energies and honoring her intuition, even if it meant making unconventional choices. YAAAAS.

In this week’s episode, Michelle shares that she learned the importance of tending to wounds, addressing trauma, and truly understanding who she is and what she wants. #EveryoneShouldGoToTherapy. She talks about the value of not over-identifying with external markers of power, and finding strength in knowing oneself beyond oppressive societal expectations.

Michelle Khouri




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